Value Investing is the practice of understanding financial statements and management analysis of the company and finding Stocks that available at a significant discount to their actual value. Value investors do this by seeking out organizations with low valuation measurements, relatively low multiples of profits or assets, for reasons that are not justified in the long haul.

Value investing is an investment strategy that involves picking stocks that appear to be trading at discount to their intrinsic value. They believe that the market overreacts to both favorable and bad news, resulting in stock price fluctuations that are irrelevant to a company's long-term fundamentals.

Why This Course is required?

You want to invest in your bright future but are too afraid of stock market, are you holding yourself back because of lack of knowledge and myths attach to stock market? Well, you do not need to worry as we have crafted this course as guiding torch to the doors of financial freedom. With the help of this course, you would be able to make rational and informed decision of investing by applying practical knowledge of investing.

What you'll learn in this course:

  • Edge of Value Investing
  • Understanding Value Investing
  • Different Valuation Method
  • Tools For Analyzing Companies
  • Investment Strategies
  • Investment Rules

This Course Includes

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  • Duration 25+ hours
  • Topics 35+
  • Validity Life Time
  • Class Delivery Live Online
  • Language English/Hindi
  • Students 1649+
  • Certificate Yes
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Live Classes
Module 1 Introduction
  • Discussion On Investing
  • Nature of Market
  • Why Value Investing
  • Approach To Investing
  • Module 2 Behaviour Analysis
  • Behaviour Of Investors
  • Contrarian Mindset
  • Psychological Bias
  • Module 3 Investor's Mistakes
  • Stuck Box Mindset
  • Financial Shenanigans
  • Module 4 Top-Down Approach
  • Economic Analysis
  • Industry Analysis
  • Company Analysis
  • Module 5 Stock Screening
  • Stock Screener Intro.
  • Autho Company Screening
  • Tech Company Screening
  • Fin. Company Screening
  • Module 6 Company Statements
  • Balance Sheet Reading
  • Income Statement Reading
  • Cash Flow Reading
  • Annual Report Reading
  • Module 7 Asset Analysis
  • PPE Scheduling
  • Financial Assets
  • Other Assests
  • Module 8 Liability Analysis
  • Debt Analysis
  • Other Liability
  • Module 9 Ratio Analysis
  • Expense Ratio Analysis
  • Profitability Ratios
  • Liquidity Ratios
  • Solvency Ratios
  • Module 11 Value Analysis
  • Market Value
  • Enterprise Value
  • Comparative Value
  • Module 10 Dividend Analysis
  • Dividend Analysis
  • Module 12 Investing Strategy
  • Deep Water Strategy
  • Module 13 Wealth Building
  • Wealth Building Discussion
  • Lecture 14 Market Discussion
  • Beating The Market
    • Who Should Do This Course

      • Anyone who want to learn investing for better future and wealth generation.
      • Anyone who want to create financial freedom.
      • Anyone who want to create sustainable wealth.
      • Anyone who want to acquire skills of value investing.
    • Eligibility

      • An open mind and the guts to do things differently from the crowd
      • No minimum criteria
      • No Material required
    • Live Training Has an Edge

    • Live trainings are more interactive than recorded videos to get practical and experiential learning from Industry experts with our Live online Classroom training. Moneyweiss is determine to provide best in class delivery methodology.

    • Objectives of this course

      • The primary objective of the Value Investing Course is to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the core concepts of value investing as well as the practical knowledge you need to implement it.
      • Value investing is ideal to build up your long-term portfolio. Use value investing today, and let your money grow on its own. It is the ideal investment strategy for both active and passive investors.
    • Benefits of this course

      As people say, " Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

      • The prime advantage of this course is that it will prepare you with both the theoretical foundation as well as practical implementation knowledge. It is hard to find a one-stop solution that combines the best of both worlds.
      • This course will teach you about all the major methods of value investing. You will be able to value businesses on your own and then utilize your skill to find good opportunities in undervalued businesses.
    • Nitin Vashist

      Lead Trainer

      Nitin is sr. research analyst in equity and derivatives. Nitin has trained many students and corporate employees and always passionate about finding new ways to share his knowledge.

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    Detailed Rating


    Arpit (Haridwar)

    Awesome Classes - Excellent Faculty

    I wanted to learn technical analysis, at first hesitated to enroll but after completing the course found it very comprehensive. Thanks to Moneyweiss.

    Pravesh Bhushan (Himachal)

    Honest Counselling

    Financial Modeling course was very deep and comprehensive, learned lot's of new stuff and faculty was very easy to understand and knowledgeable.

    Prashant Ganguly (Delhi)

    Knowledgeable Faculty

    I always wondered how to pick stocks, not it is not the case anymore, Trainer was well versed and it was great learning, Thanks Moneyweiss Team.

    Santoshi Thankur (Chandigarh)

    Classes Were Awesome

    I thought i can never learn derivatives, it was always too technical for me but thanks to Moneyweiss, i understand them well now and moving forward.

    Himanshu Garg (Delhi)

    Detailed Concepts

    Always wanted to learn fundamental analysis for personal investing, after taking "Art of Value Investing", now feel confident and already started investing. Thanks

    Sumit Soni (Haryana)

    Awesome Classes

    I approached many institutes for stock market course. Eventually I came to know about MIFS by Ankita mam, she guided me to select what i actually wanted to do and never mis guide me

    Do You Know

    Globally, approx. 44% people grow financially by investing in the stock market.

    In India, only 2% people benefit out of it.

    This is mostly due to the rampant wrong-guidance and lack of Financial Education, which gave false accusation to the stock market. We believe that vast number of Indians can generate wealth by learning the power of Financial Education. We aim to make that possible by giving you valuable education by area experts.

    Moneyweiss is determined to empower the common people. With our specialized courses and guidance, we make investing & trading a rewarding career. Moneyweiss is your financial education partner that helps you to learn stock market, to Earn More and Invest Intelligently.