The two most prevalent kinds of stock derivatives traded in the stock market are futures and options trading. These are agreements between two parties to swap a stock asset at a preset price at a later date. Futures and options are contracts in the stock market that receive their price from a real asset, also known as an underlying asset, such as shares, stock market indexes, commodities, ETFs, and more. Individuals can decrease future risk with their investments by investing in futures and options at predetermined prices.

Futures and options, despite being a popular word in the stock market, are unfamiliar to those with no prior experience or knowledge of the subject. Futures and options are an intriguing and enticing trading segment because of their flexibility in terms of time to create and deliver commodities. As a result, many investors and traders are flocking to the opportunity.

Why This Course is required?

Many people participate in Futures and Options Trading as if it were a game of chance or lottery, but only a few are aware that it is a well-planned trading strategy with various prospects. If a trader/investor has mastered these concepts, he/she will be able to simply earn positive return. This course will protect you against blind trading and making unnecessary losses while trading in stocks or indexes.

What you'll learn in this course:

  • F&O Jargons/Terminologies
  • Option Chain and OI Concepts
  • Different Type of Option Contracts
  • Importance of Derivatives
  • Advance Strategies of Derivatives
  • Statistical Concepts of Derivatives

This Course Includes

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  • Duration 30+ hours
  • Topics 44+
  • Validity Life Time
  • Class Delivery Live Online
  • Language English/Hindi
  • Students 1649+
  • Certificate Yes
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Live Classes
Module 1 Introduction
  • What are Future contracts
  • What are option contracts
  • Concepts of Call & Put
  • Option lot size
  • Module 2 Terminologies
  • Reading an Option Chain
  • Moneyness concepts
  • Buying vs Selling options
  • Module 3 OI & Volume
  • Concept of OI
  • OI Analysis
  • Direction via OI
  • Module 4 Option Greeks
  • What are Option Greeks
  • Understanding of Greeks
  • Implication of Greeks
  • Module 5 Max Pain
  • Concept of Max Pain
  • Adjustment Via Max Pain
  • Module 6 Put Call Ratio
  • What is Put Call Ratio
  • Determining Put Call Ratio
  • Implication of PCR
  • Module 7 Option Strategies
  • Call Spread
  • Put Spread
  • Put-Call Spread
  • Bull Spread
  • Bear Spread, etc.
  • Module 8 Option Volatility
  • HV vs IV
  • Volatility & Pricing
  • Volatility Reversion
  • Volatility Skewness
  • Module 9 Option Pricing
  • Profit & Loss Diagram
  • Pricing Option Strategies
  • Strike Price Anchoring
  • Module 10 Trading Setup
  • Creating a Trading Setup
  • Trade size and Capital Strategy
  • Scanning for stock & trade setup
  • Module 11 Advance Strategies
  • Creating Strategies
  • Modifying Strategies
  • Adjusting Trade Position
  • Module 12 Virtual Trading
  • Tools for Virtual Portfolio
  • Tools For Back Testing
  • Creating Virtual Portfolio
  • Module 13 Psychology
  • How & When To Trade
  • Avoid Black Swan Events
  • Importance of Hedging
  • Do's & Don't of Options
    • Who Should Do This Course

      • Those who want to create a separate income source or financial freedom.
      • Anyone wishes to understand the basic to advance terminologies and strategies of F&O trading.
      • Those who want to trade options professionally or want to run option business.
    • Eligibility

      • An open mind and the guts to do things differently from the crowd
      • No minimum criteria
      • No Material required
    • Live Training Has an Edge

    • Live trainings are more interactive than recorded videos to get practical and experiential learning from Industry experts with our Live online Classroom training. Moneyweiss is determine to provide best in class delivery methodology.

    • Objectives of this course

      To trade Options, you will have to know the methodology associated with the Option trading and market. This course nicely teaches technical terms about which is required to trade in the market. The Future & Options Trading course aims to teach the participants to build their own options trading portfolio with practical approaches to preserve and build the derivative portfolio. The volatility and leverage of derivative trading can create drastic outcome with small amounts of capital only on a good & mindful strategy.

    • Benefit of this course

      Students enrolling for Derivative Portfolio Trading will be given a “Certificate of Completion” from Moneyweiss. There remains a provision of interacting with faculty for any doubt. Participants also get an opportunity to attend virtual trading sessions. Comprehensive sessions with case studies and assignments are thoroughly provided.

    • Nitin Vashist

      Lead Trainer

      Nitin is sr. research analyst in equity and derivatives. Nitin has trained many students and corporate employees and always passionate about finding new ways to share his knowledge.

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    Arpit (Haridwar)

    Awesome Classes - Excellent Faculty

    I wanted to learn technical analysis, at first hesitated to enroll but after completing the course found it very comprehensive. Thanks to Moneyweiss.

    Pravesh Bhushan (Himachal)

    Honest Counselling

    Financial Modeling course was very deep and comprehensive, learned lot's of new stuff and faculty was very easy to understand and knowledgeable.

    Prashant Ganguly (Delhi)

    Knowledgeable Faculty

    I always wondered how to pick stocks, not it is not the case anymore, Trainer was well versed and it was great learning, Thanks Moneyweiss Team.

    Santoshi Thankur (Chandigarh)

    Classes Were Awesome

    I thought i can never learn derivatives, it was always too technical for me but thanks to Moneyweiss, i understand them well now and moving forward.

    Himanshu Garg (Delhi)

    Detailed Concepts

    Always wanted to learn fundamental analysis for personal investing, after taking "Art of Value Investing", now feel confident and already started investing. Thanks

    Sumit Soni (Haryana)

    Awesome Classes

    I approached many institutes for stock market course. Eventually I came to know about MIFS by Ankita mam, she guided me to select what i actually wanted to do and never mis guide me

    Do You Know

    It is a common myth that Derivatives are tool of

    Gambling & Speculation.

    Derivative Trading was introduced as a tool of risk management, which is done by hedging, after huge expansion of derivative instruments, it has been using start using for speculation and trading with huge volume. With the passage of time people start using it as a tool of gambling rather than managed portfolio trading and risk management.

    Moneyweiss aims to teach the requisite skills to find, analyse and execute trading opportunities in options in order to build, manage and refine various strategies and produce consistent profits from Future and Options Trading. The extensive training in the future & option trading taught in the course will help you take informed decisions and improve skills to build portfolio in different directions of the stock market.