Financial modeling is analyzing financial data in a real-world scenario to make decisions. Economic modeling employs a variety of skills such as equity research, mergers and acquisitions, project management, and etc.

Financial modeling is a mathematical representation of a company's operations in the past, present, and anticipated future. These models are developed to be used as decision-making tools. Discounted cash flow analysis, sensitivity analysis, and in-depth appraisal all are examples of financial models.

Why This Course is Required?

Financial modelling is the core element to take the major business decisions in a corporate world. There is a wide range of career in in Financial Modeling for example: Merger and Acquisition, Project Finance, DCF Modeling, Venture Capital, IP Valuation: Option based Method, IP Valuation: Market Based Method, Ratio Analysis, Aesthetics, Asset Allocation, Qualitative Analysis, Sensitivity Analysis, Revenue Driver etc.

What you'll learn in this course:

  • Excel Based Taining
  • Industry Relevent Content
  • Training by Industry Experts
  • Presentation Skills
  • Advance Excel
  • Case Study Based Hands-on Training

This Course Includes

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  • Duration 20+ hours
  • Topics 33+
  • Validity Life Time
  • Class Delivery Live Online
  • Language English/Hindi
  • Students 1649+
  • Certificate Yes
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Live Classes
Module 1 Excel
  • Basic Excel
  • Lookup Function
  • Index & Match
  • Logical Statement
  • Module 1 Countinued
  • Pivot Tables
  • What if Analysis
  • Date & Text Functions
  • Arrays
  • Module 2 Topics Covered
  • Assumptions Build Up
  • Accomodate Project Delays
  • Upfron Capex in a Phased Manner
  • Building Time Line
  • Module 2 Countinued
  • Timing & Event Activation
  • Operation Start Flags
  • Operation Count. Flags
  • Operation Year Counter
  • Module 2 Countinued
  • Loan Repayment Flag
  • Revenue Vuild up
  • Capex Schedule
  • Base Analysis
  • Module 2 Countinued
  • Depreciation Schedule
  • Building Depr. Calculaiton
  • Interest During Construction
  • Hard vs Soft Capex
  • Module 2 Continued
  • Dividing Interest(IDC & P&L)
  • Waterfall Structure
  • Equity Drawdown
  • Incorporation Revolver
  • Debt Schedule & Repayment
  • Module 2 Continued
  • Working Capital Schedule
  • Building Iterative Calculation
  • Incorporation Circularity
    • Who Should Do This Course

      • Finance graduates, Credit Analysts, Business analysts, Researchers, Financial consultants, Small and mid-size business owners.
      • Anyone wishes to understand the basic to advance function of excel for financial models.
      • Those who want to enhace their excel skills
    • Eligibility

      • No minimum criteria
      • But due to the complexity of the course, it is easier for students with Accounting, statistics and Finance background to understand the concept of Financial Models.
    • Live Training Has an Edge

    • Live trainings are more interactive than recorded videos to get practical and experiential learning from Industry experts with our Live online Classroom training. Moneyweiss is determine to provide best in class delivery methodology.

    • Objectives of this course

      This course covers the basic and advance excel and fundamental and practical knowledge of valuation analysis, assumption build up (Project Start Date, Gestation Period, Project Commissioning Date etc.), Revenue Build-up (PPA / Merchant Sale) with YoY escalation in prices, building depreciation calculations that stops after the book balance is fully depreciated. Financial Modelling through Excel will make the learners confident enough to create their financial model right from scratch. Learn Financial Modelling and be an expert in deriving company valuation! It is designed to offer students the intensive instruction and training needed to successfully compete in rapidly developing global financial markets.

    • Benefit of this course

      Financial modelling is one of the most desired skills in todays corporate world. The demand of a financial modelling analyst is increasing day by day. It is no surprise that the essential skills required by finance professionals is proficiency in financial modelling.

    • Nitin Vashist

      Lead Trainer

      Nitin is sr. research analyst in equity and derivatives. Nitin has trained many students and corporate employees and always passionate about finding new ways to share his knowledge.

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    Detailed Rating


    Arpit (Haridwar)

    Awesome Classes - Excellent Faculty

    I wanted to learn technical analysis, at first hesitated to enroll but after completing the course found it very comprehensive. Thanks to Moneyweiss.

    Pravesh Bhushan (Himachal)

    Honest Counselling

    Financial Modeling course was very deep and comprehensive, learned lot's of new stuff and faculty was very easy to understand and knowledgeable.

    Prashant Ganguly (Delhi)

    Knowledgeable Faculty

    I always wondered how to pick stocks, not it is not the case anymore, Trainer was well versed and it was great learning, Thanks Moneyweiss Team.

    Santoshi Thankur (Chandigarh)

    Classes Were Awesome

    I thought i can never learn derivatives, it was always too technical for me but thanks to Moneyweiss, i understand them well now and moving forward.

    Himanshu Garg (Delhi)

    Detailed Concepts

    Always wanted to learn fundamental analysis for personal investing, after taking "Art of Value Investing", now feel confident and already started investing. Thanks

    Sumit Soni (Haryana)

    Awesome Classes

    I approached many institutes for stock market course. Eventually I came to know about MIFS by Ankita mam, she guided me to select what i actually wanted to do and never mis guide me

    Do You Know

    It's a common myth that financial modeling is only about

    Excel Modeling.

    Financial modeling is the process of creating a summary of a company's expenses and earnings, valuation of the business that can be used to calculate the impact of a future event and can be used in taking informed decisions.

    Financial Modelling is the main core skill to take the major business decisions in a corporate world. Financial models are extremely valuable tools for implementing business decisions to get perfect results. A model can advise regarding the grade of risk associated with implementing certain decisions. They can also be utilized to devise an effective financial statement that reflects the finances and operations of the business. These models help online internet businesses take quick decisions more confidently.